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Soap Box Talk

So in class thursday my professor got on her soap box (her words not mine) and made me fee; guilty. I will admit i am a lazy student, i hate to read. I dont like sitting in a classroom, i learn by doing. I knoe thats not good, especially since my concentration is journalism. And blah blah blah, you have to read PERIOD. She is the department chair so she has “hella” things on her plate. She feels like if she can do all the things that are required of her and make our lesson plan, the least we can do is read the material. I feel her on that. Then she “went in” on how everbody can do all their “extras” for greek life, SGA, sports, work as far as a job, but fail to do the little she require us to do. I understood her point BEFORE she finished spelling it out to the first student. I felt guilty because i know i dont read NEARLY as much as i should. I, me, shouldnt have an excuse why i cant do the work, i am currently unemployed, i dont have any duties in SGA or greek life. My mom is always on me about finding a job and i tell her im taking my time because i cant put work before school (then i would never graduate.) She also said the bad habits we have today will follow us in the future…now thats something to think about. All and all that day,POINT TAKEN!!! I know better it’s time for me to do better.

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